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    1996  通過ISO9001:1994質量保證體系認證

             We passed the ISO9001:1994 quality system certi?cation

    2000  通過美國DOT認證

             We passed the DOT safety certi?cation from the US

    2006  通過歐盟ECE認證

             We passed the EU ECE certi?cation

    2010  萬達商標被認定為天津市著名商標

          “Wanda”trademark was recognized as a famous brand in Tianjin

    2014  通過ISO14001:2004環境管理體系認證

             We passed the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system    certi?cation

    2015  通過ISO/TS16949:2009質量管理體系認證

             We passed theISO/TS16949:2009 environmental management system    certi?cation

    2015  通過國家安全生產標準化認證

             We passed the national production safety standardization   certi?cation

    2016  通過ISO50001:2001能源管理體系認證

             We passed the ISO50001:2001 energy management system certi?cation

    2016  通過GB/T28001-2011職業健康安全管理體系認證

             We passed the GB/T28001-2011 occupational health certi?cation

    2017  檢測中心通過CNAS實驗能力認證

             Our testing center passed the CNAS certi?cation

    2018  檢測中心通過德國TüV實驗能力認證

             Our testing center passed the TüV certi?cation

    2017 Tianjin Wanda Tyre All right reserved 備案號:津ICP備17004746號-2